Miroljub Petrovic was born on February 22, 1965. in Odzaci, Serbia. He graduated in geology, paleontology, at the University of Belgrade and medicine at the International Institute for Original Medicine in America. He holds a PhD in Cum Laude from the Alexander Joan Cusa University in Iasi, Romania, on the topic of connecting science and religion.
Miroljub Petrovic is the founder and director of the Center for Natural History Studies in Belgrade and America, and the Institute of Natural Medicine. He is one of the founders of the Center for Anthropological Studies in Belgrade, which deals with the problem of sects. He is the vice president of the Serbian Saint Sava Movement and the Sandal Gusala School from Belgrade.
Miroljub Petrovic is a direct descendant of the greatest Serbian hero from Montenegro, Duke Radonja Petrovic, the governor of all the Hills, the father of the “exarch of the Serbian throne”, Nis Archimandrite Grigorije Drekalovic of Kastriotovic. He is also a direct descendant of the greatest Serbian hero of the 15th century, Đurađ Kastriot Skenderbeg. The genealogy of Miroljub Petrovic can be viewed at the following link.
Miroljub Petrovic is married and has four children.
Persecution by evolutionists. In the spring of 2000, the Belgrade television “Palma” broadcast a series of scientific shows with Miroljub Petrovic called “Miracles of Creation”. In that series, Miroljub Petrović presented scientific facts that confirm the biblical report on the Creation of the World, and challenge Darwin’s hypothesis of evolution (the series can be viewed at the link here). In June of the same year, the Teaching Council for Paleontology of the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade launched an initiative to prevent Miroljub Petrovic from obtaining a master’s degree due to his alleged “denial of the science of geological disciplines” and denial of evolutionism as a generally accepted scientific view. the world and the Earth as a whole ”. The minutes of this session can be read in full here.
The Scientific-Teaching Council of the Faculty of Mining and Geology did not have a legal mechanism to prevent Miroljub Petrovic from defending his master’s thesis, which he prepared for defense at the time, so it decided to “re-examine the scientific justification of Miroljub Petrovic’s master’s thesis”. Two years earlier, the same scientific-teaching council approved Miroljub Petrovic to work on a master’s thesis entitled “Lower Jurassic shells of the Stara Planina”, and now it has initiated a procedure to “re-examine the scientific justification of that thesis” and thus create a mechanism to Miroljub Petrovic was prevented from defending his already prepared master’s thesis. According to the law, the commission was supposed to review the scientific justification of the master’s thesis within 45 days, but it never met, and in that way Miroljub Petrovic was prevented from defending his master’s thesis. Miroljub Petrovic informed the Minister of Education, Gasa Knezevic, about this in writing, but he did not receive an answer.
Miroljub Petrovic finished geology first in the generation with a grade point average of 8.06 and was admitted as a self-financing student when enrolling in master’s studies, since students with a higher grade point average, but with a much longer study time, were admitted to master’s studies at the expense of the budget. Miroljub Petrovic thus paid for the complete master’s studies. In a conversation with the then dean, Dr. Djordje Mihajlovic, he was told that “the money cannot be returned to him because it was spent on teaching”, and that “the faculty has a way to defend itself if Miroljub Petrovic files a lawsuit against the faculty”. On the advice of his lawyer, Miroljub Petrovic cut off communication with the Faculty of Mining and Geology and completed his studies abroad.